Fish Cakes

Fish cakes are very easy to make and you can make them from either fresh, leftover baked or canned fish too. Moreover, every time, you can change the spices that you use and try out different tastes. Here is an Indian spiced fish cake recipe. You can serve it with some French fries or a cool vegetable salad.

Thai Red Curry

Red Curry is a popular Thai cuisine using aromatic herbs like ginger, shallots, galangal, lemongrass etc. and coconut milk. The dish can also easily be made with store bought curry pastes and as with the other Thai yellow and green curry, is often served with aromatic jasmine rice. Here is a vegetarian recipe, but for added protein, meats can also be included.


Bruschetta is a classic Italian appetizer (antipasto) which requires very few but basic ingredients. The main requirements are bread, tomatoes & olive oil. It became an absolute favourite in our home after our Italy trip a few years back! If …

Apple Pie

Apple pies were famous long before the European colonization of the Americas, though there is a saying in the US something like “as American as apple pie.” History books trace apple pies as far back as 14th Century.

Quinoa Tikki

Tikki is a type of mini cutlet made with potatoes and vegetables. A new twist on this popular recipe, these are made with Quinoa seeds as the main ingredient. Healthy, nutritious and refreshingly different!