This website has been inspired by my family and all those loving friends who have shared meal times with us. It’s all about relishing the delish dishes that one makes. In these busy times when most of us have a lot of running around to do & so little time to cook, the recipes posted here will help you to come up with something relishing for your own table.

My recipes would mostly reflect the “Tastes of India” as that is my country of origin. But cooking & recipes in India is as diverse as the country itself. With more than 28 states (provinces) and its ancient history, each region in India has its own unique style for cooking. There are many different cultural influences from other countries as well such as the British, French, Portuguese, Arab & Persian from the countries which ruled India at some points in its vast history. As a result, every home has its unique blend of tastes and rightfully so!

It is a good idea to be a good observer as you watch other people cook. Even a simple dish like dal-chawal (rice & lentils) will taste different when made by different people. So there is nothing to be afraid of! All you need are the ingredients you require for a recipe, a little patience, a basic liking for cooking, and of course a love for food! When I came to Canada circa 2000, apart from family & friends back home what I missed the most was authentic Indian home cooked meal. That was also about the time I started experimenting more and more with ingredients and spices around my kitchen. Cooking is an art, it is not an exact science and it is best to use cook books as a guide only and give your own personal touch to the recipes unless you are an absolute novice. In such cases, as you gain experience you can tweek the recipes to your liking. So go right ahead and experiment with the ingredients and spices on hand & you can come up with a delightful meal. Of course if you want to start anew, something different which you haven’t before, I hope this website would a guide towards your experimenting. 

Happy Cooking!

Reena Shimoga